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Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 15 07:29:21 UTC 2012
> Zakaria’s 2008 book, “The Post-American World,” contains a quote from
> former Intel Corp. chief executive Andy Grove about the nation’s
> economic power. “America is in danger of following Europe down the
> tubes, and the worst part is that nobody knows it,” Grove says in
> Zakaria’s book. “They’re all in denial, patting themselves on the back
> as the Titanic heads straight for the iceberg full speed ahead.”
> The first edition of Zakaria’s book, which became a bestseller, makes
> no mention of the comment’s source, nor does a paperback version of
> “Post-American World” published in 2009.
> In fact, Grove’s comment was published three years earlier in “Three
> Billion New Capitalists: The Great Shift of Power to the East,” by
> former Commerce Department official Clyde V. Prestowitz.
> In an interview Monday, Prestowitz said Grove made the comment in an
> interview with him that was conducted while Prestowitz was researching
> his book. The quote appears in the book’s first chapter.

FWIW, Zakaria seems to be correct both legally and ethically.
Irrespectively where the original quote came from, Zakaria did the right
thing and cited its author, not the reteller. Prestowitz has no
copyright claim, unless he actually made up the quote himself, but then
*he* is in the ethical hot water, not Zakaria.

For some people here, however, this practice makes quote-sleuthing more


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