Margalit Fox and "parts were considerably younger"

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Joel S. Berson wrote:
> A correspondent and movie buff says to me that the line "She was 90,
> although parts of her were considerably younger" can be found in
> "Mama Mia".  Can anyone pick that up?
> If so, is Fox's sin as great as Zakaria's?  Do we have to ask the New
> York Times to prepend a correction?

IMDB lists an exchange in the movie Mama Mia which contained a similar
joke. I have not verified this dialog in the audio track of the movie.
Some quotations listed on IMDB are inaccurate. Indeed, two slightly
different versions are given on the webpage.

Memorable quotes for Mamma Mia!

Rosie: Excuse me, I have a senor citizen with me. Thank You
Rosie: My mother needs a perch.
Tanya: Mother? We're the same age.
Rosie: Yeah. Well, parts of us are.


> At 8/14/2012 05:37 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>> From Margalit Fox's obituary of Helen Gurley Brown on the front page
>>of today's New York Times:
>>"She was 90, although parts of her were considerably younger."*
>>Worthy of Dorothy?  (Other lines in Fox's appreciation are nearly as
>>good.  Although Fox alleges that Brown coined "mouseburger"; I see in
>>the OED that the Daily Times-News of Burlington, N.C. had it 11
>>years earlier.)
>>* Later listed as "restoration work" -- "a nose job, breast
>>augmentation, face-lifts, eye-lifts and injections of silicone into
>>her face to keep wrinkles at bay, among other procedures."
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