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> I flip
> back to the end notes to read every single one in popular books by
> Crystal, McWhorter, Lynch and now I'm doing it with _Is That a Fish in
> Your Ear?_. Perhaps more normal readers don't.

Hear, hear.  One of my favorite books is Martin Gardner's "The Annotated
Alice".  Footnotes are the whole point of that book.

And reading books with heavy end notes (whether at the end of the
chapter or book) just about has to be done in a paper version, with
paper bookmarks.  I'm slowly going through Robert Caro's biography of
Lyndon Johnson on a tablet, and the reading software doesn't accommodate
flipping back and forth every time you hit a quote very easily.

> (Honestly, I'm not surprised re: the larger story of plagiarism by
> Zakaria: he's outputting *a lot*, and I think with such a volume
> going to end up doing that either intentionally or unintentionally.)

And the plagiarism he did, in the grand scheme of things, looks to be
more of a venial than mortal case.  Apparently he (or as is likely, an
intern or staffer, but he still is responsible) took a couple of
relatively short passages, lightly re-wrote them, and ran them without
attribution.  Compare this to MLK JR's wholesale academic plagiarism, or
Jayson Blair.

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