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Thu Aug 16 17:26:43 UTC 2012

At 8/16/2012 10:30 AM, Mullins, Bill AMRDEC wrote:
>[I wrote:]
> > And, apparently, bad things in copying stuff from Jill Lepore into
> > his book.  Or is there a refutation of that charge?
>[Bill wrote:]
>Plagiarism is certainly unethical, but I don't see any ethics issues
>associated with not citing quotes when it's clear that it is a quote
>(assuming that the quoting work is one of a class in which quotes aren't
>footnoted, like narrative books, newspaper and magazine articles,
>editorcolumns in periodicals, etc., which are the types of works that
>Zakaria was defending.)

I too see no *ethical* issue with not *citing* the source of quotes
-- *if* the quotation *is* enclosed in quotes *and* the speaker of
the quote is *named*.  I see a small issue (perhaps not an ethical
one) with omitting the name of the speaker.  I see a large ethical
issue if the quotation is *not* enclosed in quotes.  Which is what I
have assumed was the case with Lepore's text. (I have not checked
this for myself, but Zakaria's apology to Lepore suggests it was the
case, particularly since he has *not* apologized to Prestowitz.)


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