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I should have included the blog link. Thanks.

As for odd appearances of "Au jus", I picked up packets of sauce-making
powder in the Netherlands, normally labeled "Jus". These, however, were
actually labeled "Au Jus". There is a simpler explanation, however, than
the mocked version--in this case, the packets are labeled by the style
of preparation, in this case, au jus. Unfortunately, pests got into the
packet and I could not save the label. Next time, I guess... It's not as
bad as US packages of corn chips labeled "guacamole and lime", but which
contain no avocado and no lime (FD&C blue, FD&C yellow and citric acid


On 8/18/2012 7:30 PM, Arnold Zwicky wrote:
> another variant, often mocked along with "with au jus": "with au jus sauce".  and then there's "ju sauce" etc.
> arnold

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