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Sorry Joel,

I was just trying to be funny. I imagined if Monument Valley showed up in
the Mars photos, it would be sure proof to the conspiracy buffs that it was

It seems that the Mars photos resemble the Mojave Desert, the setting for
many Westerns.

"....But that was B.C. - before Curiosity, the probe sent to Mars, which
for more than a week now has been beaming photographs of the Red Planet's
landscape back to Earth<>.
The rocky, mountainous terrain has been compared to the Mojave
which has given a very different breed of
NASA<>scoffers - those who
believe man never really set foot on the
moon <> - more ammo for
their skepticism...."


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> At 8/19/2012 02:25 AM, Eric Nielsen wrote:
> >Nothing by John Ford. Monument Valley would be a giveaway.
> And the Mars pictures don't look anything like Monument Valley, do
> they?  No monuments, rather flat -- except for a 15,000 foot mountain
> faint in the background.  That's why I asked, which oater?
> Joel
> >Eric

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