another photo "action"

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The popular term for this, I think, is photobomb, photo bomb,
photobombing which Victor probably knows. So there is a competition
for this niche, Perhaps "photo creeping" can segment the niche with a
more specific meaning.

When photobomb was discussed on the list in April Ben Zimmer mentioned
the coverage in the American Speech journal:

"Among the New Words," American Speech, Winter 2011, pp. 454-479
Benjamin Zimmer and Charles E. Carson
special "Internet meme" edition:
Advice Animal, auto-tune, banhammer, bubbling, cinemagraph, copypasta,
creepypasta, (herp) derp, double rainbow, Droste effect, escalator
spinning, exploitable, facebomb, facepalm, headdesk, honey badger,
hover hand, image macro, lulz, O RLY, photobomb, rickroll, supercut,
Swede, Teabonics, tl;dr.

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> Yet another term for doing something in a photo--this one may be
> deliberate or accidental and it relates to multiple meanings of
> "creeping": photo creeping, or just "creeping".
> The latest vector on this one is Ellen Degeneris--both on her show and
> the website.
> Amazingly enough, UD does not have the right entry for this, instead
> choosing a version of cyberstalking for its definition.
>      VS-)
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