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I had assumed this was well known, so no reference would be needed. But,
for the sake of completion:





The bird's name is Sonny.


On 8/25/2012 2:34 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
> This comes from the commercial (of the '80s, I'm told).  That cuckoo
> was certainly "crazily enthusiastic"; he/she can be seen in
> YouTube.  So not purely an alliterative origin; alien archaeologists
> 20 years from now will certainly know what it means and be able to
> trace its source.
> Joel
> At 8/25/2012 01:14 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>> I heard somebody else use this phrase on CNN in the past week (as a synonym
>> for "crazy" or "crazily enthusiastic").
>> JL
>> On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 12:55 PM, Victor Steinbok <aardvark66 at>wrote:
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> In 20 years,  will anyone know what this means?
>>> "That in itself speaks volumes about the cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs essence
>>> of the contemporary GOP."
>>> Or will we be analyzing it as some sort of alliterative iteration?
>>>       VS-)
>>> PS: If anyone cares about the origin, that's Kathleen Geier, subbing on
>>> weekends at the Washington Monthly blog.

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