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Sun Aug 26 13:07:25 UTC 2012

At 8/25/2012 10:53 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
>That's actually easy. People who used to watch the commercials as kids
>are now running things.

Well, I used to watch the commercials, and I'm not running
things.  (Of course, that doesn't prove anything about the adoption
of the tag line, only about the sad state of the world.  (1) It's not
run by me.  (2) It is by people OD'd on sugar and coca.*)

Actually, I prefer to think that George was raised by a
health-conscious helicopter mom, even if she wasn't called that.


* Yes I know it's not cocoa, but I wonder what Chuck Klosterman has
to say in "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs".


>     VS-)
>On 8/25/2012 9:56 PM, George Thompson wrote:
>>So if this expression alludes to a commercial that hasn't been seen for 15
>>years or so, why is there a sudden outbreak now?  I'd never seen the
>>commercial, and had never until this series commenced encountered the

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