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> "Among the New Words," American Speech, Winter 2011, pp. 454-479
> Zimmer and Charles E. Carson
> special "Internet meme" edition:
> Advice Animal, auto-tune, banhammer, bubbling, cinemagraph, copypasta,
> creepypasta, (herp) derp, double rainbow, Droste effect, escalator
> exploitable, facebomb, facepalm, headdesk, honey badger, hover hand,
> macro, lulz, O RLY, photobomb, rickroll, supercut, Swede, Teabonics,

Since this particular list has a theme, is the "new" part not so strict?

I was at a conference in 2004 that had a presentation on the "Droste
Effect".  "Swede" goes back to the 2008 film "Be Kind Rewind" (assuming
it has the same meaning; I can't read the article).

I don't think of myself as particularly hip to internet memes and
jargon, but even I'm aware that "Rickroll", "O RLY" and "tl;dr" are all
at least a few years old.
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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