Labov on vowel shifts

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A lot of British dialects can have affrication there, particularly if the speaker is trying to avoid a glottal stop.  The affrication is rather unusual for Trudgill's native Norfolk, but it can occur there.  In Liverpool, you'd even have a cacuminal [s] there in this position.

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> MN: <<<Whud Jew join? (different phonological process)>>>
> WB: I remember checking out the UCLA chess club, but have no recollection
> of what happened. My fondest memories were of the Santa Rosa CA chess club
> in the early '70s, until they inexorably succumbed to Fisher mania, which
> forced out all us potzers.
> LH: <<< Peter Trudgill . . . named after a popular snack food of Italian
> origin.>>>
> WB: What? Pizza Trudgill? What sort of topping did he have? Some wicked
> affrication there.
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