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Wed Aug 29 19:40:50 UTC 2012

Not sure how widespread this is, but it's non-null. I came across a
comment on a G+ post that included "sitting aside the matter of...". I
first thought it was just a typo, but thought it worth being checked.
Sure enough, once you filter out GB hits (AFAICT all are OCR errors),
there are plenty of hits that clearly use "sitting aside" for "setting

Here are a couple:
> It's not like their automatic robot keeping the server safe is going
> to be sitting aside time to go through the reports.
> She smiled and took the DVD out, sitting aside so that they could put
> in the movie they desired.
> In his particulars of claim, the appellant, (Plaintiff in the */court
> a quo/*) sought an order sitting aside two final liquidation orders
> granted by the High Court on the 30^th June 1981 in respect of two
> companies; viz Powerforce Construction (Pty) Ltd and Cemco (Pty) Ltd.

Not all of these are equivalent, of course. The second one ("she
smiled..." is from a page that contains a lot of typos. The third is
from a Swaziland court case, so the expression substitution might be
idiomatic in Swaziland. But, overall, it's surprising there are /any/

There is also "sitting aside" for "sitting beside":
> According to /Us Weekly/, Nicki Minaj will be sitting aside Mariah
> Carey as a judge for the upcoming season of /American Idol/.
> Later in the day, the second man finds the first one sitting aside his
> S-Works on the curb crying his eyes out.

These are dime a dozen.


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