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This is an interesting one. And surely, this can be expanded to a snowclone "BYOX." It's not at the database (

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On Aug 29, 2012, at 1:59 PM, David Barnhart wrote:

> BYOD, {w}  Also written B.Y.O.D.  Abbreviation of bring your own device, a
> mobile telephone policy.  Standard (used in informal contexts dealing
> especially with ...; frequency?)
> Every business needs a clearly articulated position on BYOD, even if it
> chooses not to allow for it.
> BYOD is an alternative strategy that allows employees, business partners and
> other users to use personally selected and purchased devices to execute
> enterprise applications and access data.  Shelley Singh, "'Bring Your Own
> Device' is most radical shift in enterprise computing since the introduction
> of the PC," The Economic Times (Nexis), Aug. 29, 2012, p not given
> I tested BroadVoice as the geek option. It advertises the ability to BYOD
> (i.e., bring your own device), meaning you're in luck if you're one of the
> few who has something like the ZyXEL P-2000W v.2 Wi-Fi phone. For the rest
> of us, the most appealing thing about BroadVoice is the promise of unlimited
> calling to 35 countries. If only it worked consistently. Sam Schechner,
> "Smooth Operators," Slate Magazine (Nexis), June 29, 2005, p not given
> Our clients are dealing with B.Y.O.D., bring your own device to work, and
> need to treat the employee-owned and corporate-owned devices differently in
> terms of policies and management.  "United States: Zenprise Adds Mobile
> Management Tools for iPad, iPhone," Tendersinfo News (Nexis), Aug. 18, 2010,
> p not given
> 2004.  Shortening (abbreviation; initialism): formed from b(ring )y(our
> )o(wn )d(evice).  Perhaps modeled upon BYOB (OEDs: 1959), for bring your own
> booze (or bottle).
> F There are many other terms represented by B.Y.O.D., including: bring your
> own dog, bring your own drums, bring your own donuts, and bring your own
> dynamite, etc.  There's at least one quote for bring your own dictionary.

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