Maureen Dowd denies David Brooks is channeling her

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Thu Aug 30 18:04:49 UTC 2012

 From Maureen Dowd's column today in the New York Times, "Will They
Decipher the Cipher?":

"Even when conservatives try to defend Romney, they manage to insult him."
[Intervening paragraph on Mike Huckabee's not caring if his
neurosurgeon is a jerk.]
"David Brooks of The Times mocked press critiques of Romney, but the
satire slashed the candidate too: 'Romney owns many homes without
garage elevators and the cars have to take the stairs'."

Although Dowd's words suggest she believes Brooks was not channeling
her, I find it hard to credit her implication that Brooks was trying
to defend Romney.


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