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Tue Jan 3 08:29:34 UTC 2012

A double whammy--no word for X and 14 words for Y--a follow up (or
summary, if you prefer) on NYT article ( ). And all
that in a /made up language/!
> ...
> The Dothraki language in /Game of Thrones/ isn’t some
> slopped-together, haphazard gibberish. As the NY Times tells it, it’s
> a full-formed, logical vernacular put together by a linguistics expert
> inspired by languages such as Swahili and Estonian.
> David Peterson is the man behind dreaming up the entire Dothraki
> language for television. After getting his degree from UCSD, he
> created 12 other full languages and founded the first professional
> organisation for people who like to create fake languages. (I’m
> legitimately curious how many people are a part of that).
> ...
> Here’s how well Peterson understands the Dothraki: there’s no word for
> toilet, but there are 14 for horses. Well done.

I wonder how many words the new language has for horse's asses? I am not
trying to disparage the enterprise. But inquiring minds want to know.


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