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I'd venture that it is used in North Yorkshire. I distinctly recall an
exchange with my maternal grandmother (a Victorian-Edwardian
Englishwoman from Saltburn-by-the-Sea), in which I'd volunteered to wash
the woodwork in her house. Her reply: "It doesn't want washed." I've
remembered the conversation these 60-odd years because the construction
struck me as singular at the time. (My grandmother probably used that
phrasing on a regular basis, but I never paid close attention after
remarking that particular instance.)

Lynne Hunter

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That sort of construction is fine in Scotland... As far as I know, it is
General Scots and Northumbrian--I'm not sure about the "Norse Crescent"
dialects from Carlisle to York and Hull.

Paul Johnston
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> From a forum posting about today's wind storm in the UK:
> "We're in central Scotland. The Forth Bridge is shut, cos you don't
> blown off that fucker"
> (Yes, it's *that* kind of forum, but I was struck by the "want blown
> off" construction from somewhere other than western PA and its
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