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Seems more than a bit out of date:

> 3. b. Coloured in a way suggestive of printed calico; variegated,
> piebald. Chiefly of horses. Also as n., a calico horse. /U.S./

The latest quote is from 1954.

> 1954 J. Potts /Go, Lovely Rose/ (1955) ix. 60 Havelka's calico cat ...
> was taking a fastidious stroll.

It's the only one that mentions a calico cat, even though this may now
be the dominant use (as opposed to horses). In fact, calico (not just
"calico cat") is now common in reports on cats of variegated or
partially striped coloring--and there are a lot more calico cats around
than calico horses.

But there is more:
> While white appears to be the most rare at an estimated 1 in 100
> million, coming in second place with and approximate 1 in 30 million
> is the calico lobster. I’m very happy to announce we’ve recently
> receive a stunningly beautiful calico lobster from our friends at
> Chatham Fish and Lobster Co.

Is there a particular reason why there is no calico adj. that
corresponds to calico n. 3.?


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