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Transitive, but in the meaning "to make something come to the surface":
Daily Kos Resurfaces Bain Bailout Orchestrated By Romney

This is a potent mix: OED has two entries--one transitive, for
re-furnishing a surface, and one intransitive, for something come to the
surface (again).

There is /no/ entry for somewhat metaphorical resurfacing--reappearing,
arising or occurring after an absence--which would be a derivative from
the intransitive version 2. But here it's the same meaning, but
transitive (making something appear after an absence).

Is this convoluted enough? Or am I missing something that explains it

Of the OneLook dictionaries, only Collins goes there:

> 1. (intr) to arise or occur again --> "the problem resurfaced"
> 2. (intr) to rise or cause to rise again to the surface
> 3. (tr) to supply (something) with a new surface

Not sure why 2. is "intr" if it covers both "to rise" and "to cause to
rise". A few others mention "re-emerge", "reappear" or "re-occur"
meaning, but not "make reappear". AHD and MW match the OED.


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