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"Choux pastry" would suggest that it is basically a doughnut-shaped
cream puff with praline in the cream. Sounds very 1891.

I suppose, if you give it a touch of chocolate icing, you can call it
eclair doughnut. Either Balsan made a particularly exceptional eclair or
GQ is full of hot air--and their people don't get out much.


On 1/8/2012 5:34 PM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
> Google gives 138K raw hits for this dessert. It's not in the OED, though.
> According to Wikipedia (, it was named the best dessert in the US in 2010 (the one served at Balsan in Chicago, that is).
> Also, it appears that the term has spread beyond merely a praline filling, something not noted in the Wikipedia article.
> has "Paris Brest (choux pastry with mocha filling, France)." It appears that the Paris-Brest here is basically a cream puff, with the top half the same size as the bottom half.
> A chocolate Paris-Brest (failure) can be found at
> Benjamin Barrett
> Seattle, WA

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