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Tue Jan 10 04:50:55 UTC 2012

Toyota commercials are pushing the Tundra ( ) as
"more American-made than" US-branded models (there are versions with
Ford and Chevrolet as targets). It's also worth noting that this has set
car bloggers and discussion fora on fire--there is a bunch of recent
posts trying to analyze the spot.
> Tundra more American Made than Ford or Chevy
> Discuss
> I personally know many construction workers that will never be
> convinced a Tundra is more American than a Dodge made in Mexico, which
> is partially owned by Fiat.

And Toyota is not the only one that gets this treatment.
> I have heard it said that Victory is more American made than Harley
> these days. I don't know how true that is, but can anyone verify that,
> and what source they use for their information? What percentage of a
> Victory motorcycle is American made? Thanks.

I'm somewhat irritated on the whole comparative on "American-made". But
I understand the reason for this--there are official measures and
indices that show just how "American-made" different cars are. And when
the first such measure was developed and mandated, the top car that
qualified on the "domestic content" index was the Honda Accord. But I
still find "X-made" to be all-or-nothing, not a comparative. YMMV


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