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Wed Jan 11 19:19:54 UTC 2012

Antonym:  dumb blond?

But Bloated Craniums can be both highbrows and bubble heads ...

Thick as shit ... sharp as mustard

Thick as two planks ... the sharpest bulb in the drawer


        How many linguists does it take to parse a lightbulb?


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From: Victor Steinbok

Don't be a smartass.


On 1/11/2012 1:34 PM, Tom Zurinskas wrote:
> I saw "smartphone" as a generic term first time last  year.  Now smart-TV
> a=
> nd smart -glasses (eyeglasses) are happening.  But since these are so
> smart=
>   does it make the opposite dumb:  dumbphones=2C dumb-TV=2C dumb-glasses.
> =
> Maybe "snail" is appropieate such as for snail-mail.  snail-phones=2C
> snail=
> -TV=2C snail-glasses.  Or are we outsmarting ourselves.
> =20
> Another POTY which is used all the time is "robo".  As a verb?  I roboed
> my=
> self to work this morning....?
> =20
> Tom Zurinskas

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