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Nothing to do with these quotes, but with respect to the title, my opponent once said to me "dead stones walking" in response to a move I made in a go game. That was in California, no later than 2001. (He was several levels above me and I had a total of zero stones still alive.)

I see the quote used in only one online post from a game in 2007:

Benjamin Barrett
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On Jan 11, 2012, at 9:53 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:

> This is the primary season and, of course, there are places to discuss
> that. But I simply could not let this quote go by.
>> "If you have voted after you are dead, there is a good, strong
>> possibility that you did something illegal," he said to reporters
>> after speaking to the panel.
> The line came from Retired Army Colonel Kevin Schwedo who is South
> Carolina's Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles. IMO it's
> already a QOTY candidate and we're only in the second week of January.
> I don't want to bore anyone to death with political details, but the
> reporter's explanation of the mini-scandal deserves a mention:
>> What's unclear from the analysis released Wednesday to a House
>> Judiciary Committee panel from the state Department of Motor Vehicles
>> is whether voter fraud was committed by people assuming the identities
>> of the deceased or if poor record keeping has resulted in South
>> Carolina residents being classified as deceased.
> I don't see much point piling on, as South Carolina has been in the
> headlines quite often in the last four years--and mostly not for
> something its residents had done right.
>     VS-)

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