"vulture capitalist" -- WOTY in diapers at the start of the new year?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Fri Jan 13 13:59:23 UTC 2012

At 1/12/2012 11:56 PM, Jesse Sheidlower wrote:
>On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 11:19:44PM -0500, Joel S. Berson wrote:
> > I say put "vulture capitalist" (AKA Mitt Romney) on the watch
> list for WOTY.
>Not that this inherently disqualifies something from WotY status, but
>_vulture capitalist_ has been in OED since 2006, and we have a first
>quote from 1978.

While I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't thought to look, by "in
diapers" I only meant that it was emerging like the infant "2012."


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