"re-meander", "remeandering". Also, "daylighting"

Ken Hirsch kenhirsch at FTML.NET
Fri Jan 13 23:25:35 UTC 2012

I heard this on the radio: "The next step is sculpting the river bank back
to its original shape. They call it 're-meandering the creek'."

It seems to be an up-and-coming word, with the -ing form the most common.

Some links:

   - Remeandering straightened
   - Remeander water
   - genslyngning af Stavis
   - Google web search for
   - Google book search for

I note that the oldest uses of "remeandering" on GBS are about surveying a
river, not changing its course. The OED has a related usage under

A few of the uses are passive ones, something that just happens to a river.
Most of the new uses are transitive, something that is actively done to a

Searching on "remeanding" also led me to "daylighting"

   - Stream Corridor Improvements – Remeandering and Daylighting Streams,
   Habitat Restoration, and Fish Friendly
   - Creek Daylighting
   "Creek daylighting refers to projects that uncover and restore creeks,
   streams, and rivers previously buried in underground pipes and culverts,
   covered by decks, or otherwise removed from view"

Ken Hirsch

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