"re-meander", "remeandering". Also, "daylighting"

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Searching on "remeanding" [sic?] also led me to "daylighting"

   - Stream Corridor Improvements =96 Remeandering and Daylighting Streams,
   Habitat Restoration, and Fish Friendly

   "Creek daylighting refers to projects that uncover and restore creeks,
   streams, and rivers previously buried in underground pipes and culverts,
   covered by decks, or otherwise removed from view"

"Daylighting" is a term that has been around in civil engineering for years with the meaning "to convert a tunnel into an open cut" (where "open cut" means that the roof of the tunnel has been removed so that the ground level now goes down to the base of the former tunnel).

Tom Zurinskas asks:

"What hath the Republican majority appointed Stupreme Court wrought? Do
they think political ads are not coordinated with candidates or parties?"

It's very easy NOT to coordinate with a candidate or his/her campaign.  I imagine every super-PAC has lawyers making sure there is no contact between the super-PAC and the candidate.  Reading in the newspaper what the candidate says and acting on it is NOT "coordinating".

What I worry about is how a candidate can shut up a super-PAC that claims to be supporting him but actually is embarrassing him.  I imagine we will hear accounts in court cases and FEC hearings about how the candidate's campaign manager forced the leaders of the super-PAC---at gunpoint, preferably---to sit (in a "quiet room"?) and listen to him read off a detailed schedule of the candidate's future speeches, talking points, etc, so as to knock the super-PAC out of the "non-coordinating" category.

Wilson Gray's favorite DOD agency:  the Wikileaks Task Force

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