Has the meaning of _apologist_ changed?

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On Jan 18, 2012, at 7:11 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 9:52 PM, Victor Steinbok <aardvark66 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> He
>> was probably reflecting on Romney's claim (that had been adopted from
>> radio talk shows) that Obama had gone on an Apology Tour and thought
>> "apologist" sounded good.
> Precisely my own analysis. We probably should pray that _apologist_
> doesn't come to be understood as "one who makes an apology." It could
> happen.

I don't know if you actually prayed or not, but it's too late.

1. 1998 "The Apologist" by R.E.M. (http://ow.ly/8yB07)

Lyrics (http://ow.ly/8yB07)
They call me the apologist
And now that I'm at peak
You know at first it really hurt
We joke about these things
I've skirted all my diferences
But now I'm facing up
I wanted to apologize for
Everything I was. So

I'm sorry

2. "The Apologist" (http://www.apologist-movie.com/about.php)

Playing in 2008 (http://www.apologist-movie.com/watch_the_film.php)

Joe is a serial apologist. Totally self-absorbed, he says "I'm sorry" so often, even he doesn't know what the words mean anymore—that is, until a female he tramples refuses his apology. Face to face with his own hypocrisy, he learns just how powerful sincerity can be.

I'm sure baker's dozens of other examples can be found.

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