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Douglas G. Wilson
heboygan [WI] Press_, 6 Aug. 1943: p. 7:
> <<Similar to the bray of a mule is the "yee haw" yell of Marine
> parachutists who "give" [sic] when they dive from the plane into space.>>

That is an excellent cite, Doug. I now see that Barry Popik looked
into yeehaw in 2007 and he found that cite also. Barry also mentioned
the OED entry for yeehaw, int.

Yeehaw (Yee-ha; Yee-haw)
Entry from March 11, 2007

James Harbeck mentioned that "Ye haw" might be used to control a team
of horses, and here is a metaphorical  example of that in 1909.

Cite: 1909 June, The Medical Standard, Health by John V. Shoemaker,
Page 306, Column 2, Volume 32, Number 6, G.P. Engelhard & Co.,
Chicago. (Google Books full view)

To the President of the United States let us accord full meed of
praise for the untiring service that he performed towards framing a
protective law. Congress willingly did its part, the President himself
has justly praised it for its work. But it was the President's
spiritual guidance that vastly helped on the good work. It is a good
yoke, the two Houses, whenever it pulls, as in this case, together.
But the President's goad did yeoman's service, too, as he directed the
lumbering team with his honest hearty-"Yee Haw."

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