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At 1/22/2012 01:17 PM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>The OED says that pommes frites are potato chips; the AHD doesn't have it.

But isn't this merely the OED's British usage, where "French fries"
are generally called "chips"?  (But sometimes "fries".)  U.S. "potato
chips" are there called "crisps".


>As Barry Popik points out in 2003
>the word has meant "French fries" at least since 1997, perhaps as a
>translation from Belgian French. There is a discussion at
>http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/544084 as to whether there is a
>difference between pommes frites and French fries (Wikipedia doesn't
>think so: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pommes_frites).
>The word "pommes frites" has currency in restaurants in Seattle. I
>have used the word to refer to a dish that a restaurant calls
>"pommes frites." The word definitely has a high-faluting connotation
>and can be used to refer to Mickey D's dish only in a joking way.
>The spelling of the singular is not yet fixed. I think "pomme frite"
>would be the French spelling, but  "pommes frite" and "pommes
>frites" are also found on Google.
>Googling on "a pomme frites" gets only one hit that is possibly
>relevant: "Order a pomme frites anywhere in Quebec and they'll do a
>double take and take a second to figure it out."
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