NY accent is dying out?

Dan Goodman dsgood at IPHOUSE.COM
Sun Jan 22 19:24:12 UTC 2012

On 01/22/2012 01:10 PM, Paul Johnston wrote:
> When journalists say such-and-such a dialect is dying out, usually it
> seems to me that what they're saying is that some (often unspecified)
> features are receding, but the features that are retained are
> ignored.  Sure, there are recessive features (the famous [@i] for
> bird, third, church for one--and does anyone know who, if anyone,
> uses it among the generation born about 1980 or so?).  Rhoticity is
> becoming more common.  But last time I was in NYC (2009), you still
> heard people, even young ones, asking for a cup of [kU at fi~ko at fi).

When was it that the New York Times ran an article about NYC's dialect
dying out?  I believe it got some notice on this mailing list.

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