Angolan, n. and adj.

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Surely needs attention, and a search for "Angolian" as well.

A. n. has two quotations, 1600 and 1976.  The slave trade will
provide many in the intervening centuries.  The definition "A native
or inhabitant of Angola, a republic (formerly a Portuguese colony) in
south-western Africa." might require extension to the region rather
than being limited to a former Portuguese colony.

B. adj.'s earliest quotation is 1875.  The "Angolan language" can be
found in 1724 in Charles B. Johnson's (or is it Daniel Defoe's) "A
General History of the Pyrates, from their First Rise", and "A
General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious
Pyrates"  (GBooks, also held by ECCO). There is "Angolan Woman" in
1741: James Parsons, "A Mechanical and Critical Enquiry into the
Nature or Hermaphrodites" (GBooks).


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