Antedating of "Bagel"

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>From two recent posts on the subject:

Jewish Encyclopedia. Volume IV. 1912
Cookery. p. 257/1
> The village folk of some parts of eastern Europe have still another
> form of soup, which is made by putting crisp "beigel" (round cracknel)
> into hot water and adding butter.


I think this should count as a further antedating of "bagel" (OED 1919):

1908 _American Israelite_ 3 Dec. (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)  Another proverb that I have noted from my readings of modern Yiddish literature is, "Beigel (roll) and butter you want; to go to Cheder you do not want," which means that one would like to have the benefit of work, but does not want to work.

Fred Shapiro

I submitted the Jewish Encyclopedia usage of "beigel" to Joanne Despres of Merriam-Webster about 8 years ago.  She ruled it was not an antedating since it referred to a "cracknel" which was obviously not the modern bagel.  So I suppose we will have to go with Fred Shapiro's antedating, since he is after all our expert on Yale lox.

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