correction RE: "your back shall taste of the kurbaj (whip)", 1846, kibosh

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Very nice find, Stephen.  And now a bibliographic reference:
Gerald Cohen (compiler; in Comments on Etymology--a series of working
papers--, vol. 40, no. 1-2, Oct./Nov. 2010: 'Stephen Goranson's suggestion
that "kibosh" in "put the "kibosh on" may derive from "kurbash" (a type
of whip)...............................................pp. 12-41
Addenda, especially:
A. Stephen Goranson: ca. 1830: Broadside 'Penal Servitude' with lines
'It would put the kibosh like winking / That is if they was to introduce
the lash".............................................p. 42
B. Matthew Little's preliminary treatment (Nov. 2009; only now published)
suggesting "kibosh" from ""kurbash"....................pp. 45-48.

The bottom line here is that a long-standing etymological puzzle
seems to have been solved, and with the exception of Matthew
Little's very welcome preliminary treatment, the solution has
come primarily in the very valuable messages sent to ads-l.
(My only role in the above bibliographic reference is as compiler.
Full credit is given throughout the article to the various

Gerald Cohen

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> I left out the word whip (!) , corrected below.
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> More evidence that kibosh (as in "put the kibosh on"), and kybosh, korbadj,
> kurbach, kourbach, qirbach, qurbash, courbache, corbage, kurbash, and now
> kurbaj mean whip, lash:
> '...Eat all that is set before you, or, by the soul of Hosseyn, your back
> shall taste of the _kurbaj_ (whip) and the _mikraah_ (rod).'
> Punch, or the London Charivari  vol. X (1846) p. 273, col. 2
> [article title]"Egyptian Impressions"
> {and note the PN Kybosh-... in col. 1]
> Stephen Goranson
> Google Books:
> h&hl=en&sa=X&ei=IGclT_nkGca2tweQ2fGZDw&ved=0CDcQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=whip%20kybo
> sh%20OR%20kibosh&f=false

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