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I'd imagine it refers to something like the top item on this catalog
page (1913 Keuffel & Esser Co.).  They are used to scrap ink off
vellum/parchment drawings. They are more or less obsolete, now, with
everything being done in CAD programs and large format laser printers
and plotters, but I've got a couple in my old drafting kits.

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> Someone will have to explain the discrepancy. The OED:
> > ink-eraser n. a piece of prepared caoutchouc, or similar substance,
> > used to erase writing in ink or blots.
> And this:
> > Have you ever walked around the cemeteries of New York reading the
> > tombstone inscriptions? Well, if that's not your thing, we're here
> > point you in the direction of George Spencer Millet's grave in
> > Woodlawn Cemetery, which tells a tragic and unusual story. His
> > headstone reads: "Lost life by stab in falling on ink eraser,
> > six young women trying to give him birthday kisses in office of
> > Metropolitan Life Building." This happened the day after Valentine's
> > day, on February 15th, 1909--which also happened to be his 15th
> > birthday. And to clarify, an ink eraser is not an eraser, it's more
> > like a knife.
> More at the link, but no real explanation on how a knife becomes an
> eraser. But it sounds a lot like Crocodile Hunter's death. Stab to the
> heart and all that...
>      VS-)
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