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Sam Clements and David Barnhart both mentioned a variant "Pier 8"
instead of "Pier 6". Below is an example of the variant that was
printed in a newspaper in Augusta, Georgia. The domain was boxing and
the match was taking place "at Sunnydale".

Perhaps the sportswriter was familiar with a "Pier 8" that was known
as a locale for brawls. The writer may have been unfamiliar with the
reputation of some pier named "Pier 6" if it was in a distant city.
Perhaps he was tailoring his writing to the local readers.

Cite: 1933 June 16, Augusta Chronicle, Fighters on Monday's Card at
Sunnydale Ready to Go, Page 10, Augusta, Georgia. (GenealogyBank)

Kid Hatcher, who is meeting K. O. Matthews, the Blythe socker, in the
opening four-rounder, promises to do some socking on his own account.
Matthews will be remembered as the lad who stopped K.O. Howell in a
regular "pier 8 brawl" on the last show.


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> Love to see your earliest hockey cite.
> Using newsperarchive quickly, 1928, boxing, pier 6.  From then until 1939, 132 hits, most boxing, some baseball.  but not all were pier 6.  I saw pier 8, pier 28,
> Sam Clements
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>> I'm looking for the origin of the expression _pier 6 brawl_.  It seems to
>> have originated in hockey in Canada.
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