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David Barnhart dbarnhart at HIGHLANDS.COM
Wed Jun 6 13:21:58 UTC 2012

>From one reference to _pier 6 brawl_ in a Sports Illustrated article posted
in my e-mail box, I have found with the help of many of you quite a mixture
of related items.

pier six brawl

  or Pier 6 (or Six) brawl

  or pier-six brawl

  or Pier Six brawl

               Pier 6 brawler

                 or Pier 6 Brawler

                 or pier-six brawler

               pier 6 brawling

                 or pier-6 brawling

                 or Pier 6 brawling


  or Pier-Sixer

  or Pier Sixer

  or PierSixer

  or pier sixer

  or pier 6'er

  or Pier 6er

And, there is a group of related terms with letter or number substitutions,
including pier 4 brawl, pier five brawl, pier 7 brawl, pier 8 brawl, pier
nine brawl, pier 10 brawl and pier 12 brawl.  Pier N brawl and pier t brawl
appear, too.

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