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> Not in OED.
> :
> "The top hits for the top racially charged searches are nearly all textbook
> examples of antilocution, a majority group's sharing stereotype-based jokes
> using coarse language outside a minority group's presence."
> Don't miss the part about Keith Judd.
> JL
I read a piece on this study in the Times a couple of days ago by the researcher, Stephens-Davidowitz, himself, and was struck by the fact that they had no problem publishing the actual items he had searched ("nigger(s)" but not "nigga", fourth paragraph under Obama photo); online version at
The yahoo link above uses not only a wonderful circumlocution--"He chose a common racial insult that starts with "N" and looked for searches that used the singular and plural forms of the word"--but also the rap-song favorite, n**ga, which I suppose could have been referred to as "the non-rhotic form of the word". 


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