"bend of mind" -- possible eggcorn?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Wed Jun 13 18:58:32 UTC 2012

"Of a naturally humorous bend of mind, Byles ... sent off ... a
good-natured letter."

Published by Doubleday & Company, of Garden City, New York, in
1977.  Perhaps written by Arthur Bernon Tourtellot, and found in
"Benjamin Franklin, the Shaping of Genius: the Boston Years", p.
368.  Unless a typesetter's error, not caught by the copy editor.

Not in the eggcorn data base.  But discussed by Yahoo! Answers,
furum.wordreference.com and probably others.
719,000 ghits, at least some of which are the misuse, vs. merely
910,000 for "bent of mind".


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