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Jon Lighter wrote:

> Not in OED. 268,000 Google hits. At Urbandictionary.com for several years.
> 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DXhJp0W0ku2w
> "Oh my god their voices are=EF=BB=BF like an eargasm XD"
> "XD" seems to be an emoticon meaning something like "so happy, I'm dead."

GP on LLog, 2/8/10: Isms, gasms, etc.:

with some discussion of the playful libfix -gasm, especially in the (many) comments, which mention a large number of examples (nerdgasm, braingasm, bookgasm, foodgasm, wargasm, Shoegasm. etc.) and a large number of jokey inventions (flabbergasm, ectoplasmgasm, Vascodagasm, etc.). The first set includes eargasm -- in a comment by Ben Zimmer, who noted a 1976 Johnnie Taylor album with that title.


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