"The last war fought between gentlemen"

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Charles C Doyle wrote:
> There's this remarkable statement from the clueless pen of another Englishman:
> <<  I never heard of any ill-feeling between the North and South after your Civil War; but that was the cleanest and most humane war ever fought--a war between gentlemen.  >>
> From Thomas Russell, "Preparations for Peace in England," _Printers' Ink_ 104, no. 6 (8 Aug. 1918): 118.

Yes. We both found that interesting cite, Charlie. There is a similar
remark from an American in the post that crossed paths with yours.

The 1977 book below has a version of the quote, and it is footnoted
with the number 86. I cannot read footnote 86 via the GB database. It
might be useful to determine what the footnote says. Or it might be a
dead end.

Title: The marble man, Robert E. Lee and his image in American society
Year: 1977
Author: Connelly, Thomas Lawrence
Published: New York : Knopf
Page: 160

[Begin excerpt]
To Dabney, the war was also a fight for Virginia soil, and "the last
war fought between gentlemen" ended at Appomattox Court House. 86
[End excerpt]

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