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A "perimeter shot" is an outside shot. It may or may not include the
three-pointer. My point is that the definition that focuses solely on
three-pointers would be wrong--if you can call it a three-point shot,
why call it a perimeter shot instead?

I am not sure that Novak is really distinguishing between the shots
inside or outside the line when talking about "perimeter", so there is
really no way to tell if he is using the OED definition or merely
includes it as a part of "perimeter".


On 3/1/2012 11:18 PM, Ben Zimmer wrote:
> In an article about the Knicks' Steve Novak and his success with
> 3-point shooting, Novak uses "perimeter" as the OED defines it:
> ---
> http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/02/sports/basketball/steve-novak-of-knicks-enjoys-hitting-3-pointers.html
> “That’s what I do,” he said of his game. “I shoot perimeter shots.
> When it’s there, I shoot it. When it’s not, I don’t.”
> ---
> --bgz

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