A slow-spreading(?) slur: "_anti_-slant[-]eye"

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Mar 8 03:41:45 UTC 2012

Here's an article on "round eye." I been called that once, maybe twice, by Asian-Americans.


Benjamin Barrett
Seattle, WA

On Mar 7, 2012, at 7:33 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:

> From 2004:
> "yeah.. i think my homegirl said it best when she said she's
> _anti-_slant eye (she's asian).
> http://cakalusa.xanga.com/165004234/item/
> When I was at the Army Language School, back in 1960, a barracksmate,
> upon receiving orders shipping him out to Japan, remarked:
> "I'd better start taking my _anti-_slant-eye pills!"
> Back in mid-'50's StL, a few potnaz and I used "anti," pronounced "ann
> tie" as a vague pejorative:
> Don't invite *him*, man! He's too _anti_.
> Until I heard my barracksmate speak, I hadn't heard that now-usual
> pronunciation of "anti" in years. And "slant-eye" is as old as dirt.
> But citable instances of "anti-slant-eye" are surprisingly rare and
> recent and I haven't
> *heard* it anywhere, except for that one time.
> "Little-nose," another slur directed at Asians, I've heard only in Los
> Angeles and I find no citable instances of it.

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