Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Sat Mar 10 10:35:48 UTC 2012
> The implication is that by treating Fluke with disrespect, Landsburg
> has behaved unethically. That's bunk, as blogress Ann Althouse
> (herself a professor) points out: ...

Turns out to be, unsurprisingly, fairly common, even though the gendered
version was, of course, created by analogy. I guess, the suffix remains
productive. Now, what's the female version of "troll"? "monster"?
"alien"? I have no doubt that future antropolinguists, investigating
Prehistoric 21st Century English, will reconstruct them the same way we
reconstruct Proto-Polynesian words.


PS: Yes, if anyone's having any doubts, most of this post--aside from
the citation--is meant to be a joke. The citation is quite real.

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