Endangered specie (coinages)

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I look "specie" up in thefreedictionary.com It's a coin, but the plural is a whole different word meaning "class".

Pronunciation was strange for US

US ~spishee (rhymes with fishy)
UK ~speeshee
icon ~speeshee

The same for the plural "species". The US speaker says ~spisheez. I've not heard it said this way.

Another "ci" word is "social" which Pres. Clinton pronounces ~soesool (~oe as in "toe" ~ool as in "wool"). The three voices of thefreedictionary.com say ~soeshool, which I'm glad to hear because I assume that is correct. Not even an option for ~soesool is given although ~speesee is mentioned as an option for "specie and species"

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> Royal Ford, late automotive writer of The Boston Globe, asked, in his
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> Hence, if you drive a Rolls, it may sometimes actually be necessary to
> point out that various appointments are made of *wood* wood, though
> they appear to be made of plastic.
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