Endangered specie (coinages)

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Mon Mar 12 05:49:18 UTC 2012

 [[Shapiro, Fred wrote:      Re: Endangered specie (coinages)  <<"World War
I" is probably a retronym>>]]
Actually, the REAL first world war was the Seven Years[apostrophe] War
(1756-1763) (of which the American Revolution was a residual tax revolt).
Subsequent world wars should be retronymically renumbered accordingly.  And
this reminds me of ship anachronyms:  to sail a ship (to affix a cloth sail
to a boat and let the wind blow it through the water) > (steamship). To
ship goods (to transport goods via boat) > (truck, airplane [airship?]).
(Which reminds me of a Facebook bon voyage to the Enterprise crew, with the
common folk etymology of aweigh: Anchors away! [which I used to think meant
drop anchor] ) Random associations. Help.

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