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  > For that matter, how do "being detained", "being imprisoned" and "being
interned" relate to the world?

If I understand the question correctly, you're asking whether
the frequent perception of the world as combination madhouse, hellhole, and
clown circus is epistemologically defensible, either _a priori_ or _a
posteriori_.  Specifically, you seem to be inquiring into the possibility
that the world is in fact a place of detention or imprisonment for beings
who have been confined here against their will by a cosmic metaphysical
force or intelligence evidently distinct from the Deity of the Abrahamic

I prefer to address the simpler and unrelated question, however.

To "intern" means to "act as an intern."


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> Reading at
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> raised the question in my mind:
> What does interned" really mean?
> How does being imprisoned relate to what wanna-be-doctors (and recently,
> wanna-be-all-sorts pf professionals and "professionals") do?
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> exoticism and local color that Melville is careful to avoid.
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