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Tue Mar 13 06:00:26 UTC 2012

In all fairness, Zeb did deny the whole story the next day. But that's
hardly the point.


On 3/13/2012 1:08 AM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
>> In an unfortunate result of translation, Pakistani diplomat Akbar Zeb
>> will not become the next Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Zeb’s
>> credentials seem in order: He is the former ambassador to the United
>> States, India and South Africa. He held the post of High Commissioner
>> Designate of Pakistan to Canada and is the former director general of
>> Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry.
>> But despite Mr. Zeb’s impressive career, the 55-year-old diplomat’s
>> name proved to be the immovable hurdle. When translated into Arabic,
>> Akbar Zeb means “Biggest Dick.” In a region that stresses modesty,
>> particularly in public, this could not stand.
> And that's how they roll...
> VS-)

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