"Nigerian Scam"

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 14 18:21:31 UTC 2012

I got a lovely email today purporting to be from an anti-cyberscam
authority. I clicked it straight into the junk folder, but then thought
I should take a closer look. It's a classic, but with a new twist. It's
worth reading through just to catch all the clues as to why it's a
phishing scam.

Here it is in full.


Date:     Wed, 14 Mar 2012 16:00:14 +0000 (GMT)
From:     CYBERCRIME JOINT TASK FORCE <cybercrimetaskforce at yahoo.com>
Reply-To:     jointtaskforce at london.com
To:     undisclosed-recipients:;


This email notice is from the Metropolitan Police, United Kingdom,in
alliance with the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI),United States of
This notice is being sent at random, alerting and creating awareness of
Nigerian Fraud and Scams. Are you a victim to any form of Nigerian Fraud
or Scam? We receive over a thousand reports about fraud/scams each day, in
which the crimes are committed by Nigerian living in the United Kingdom,
United States and the Diaspora, and this as been a major problem for the
global economy.

Now, the Metropolitan Police,Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the
proper authorities in Nigeria such as the Independent Corrupt Practices
Commission (ICPC), Nigerian Police Force, and the Economic&  Financial
Crimes Commission (EFCC) are in a joint mission to stop and apprehend any
defaulter involved in any form of fraud/scam. We urge you to send us an
email if you are a victim to any form of Nigerian fraud or scam below:

Typical form of Fraud/Scams:

1. Online Dating/Relationships
2. Online classifieds/ Marketplaces (eg. Craiglist.org, eBay.com,
eBid.net, Amazon.com, Kijiji.com, adpost.com.au e.t.c)
3. Online Lottery (U.K Lotto, Coca -cola Lottery e.t.c)
4. Nigerian Oil and Gas (e.g NNPC, Shell, Mobil e.t.c)
5. Next of Kin/ beneficiary (CBN, Mariam Abacha, Prof Charles Soludo e.t.c)
6. Online Theft (Bank accounts, Credit Cards, Paypal.com, Alertpay.com,
Nochex e.t.c)
7. False Pet sales, Accommodation rentals including false House sales (e.g
Craigslist, Houseforrent, Kijiji e.t.c)
8. Email account theft (Yahoo, Hotmail/Msn, GMail e.t.c)
9. Checks/Cheque Money Order&  A.T.M Fraud

Note that there are other forms in which Nigerian Fraud and scams can
occur. Most fraudsters now have accomplice(s) in most western countries to
help them carry out their fraud such has countries like United Kingdom,
United States of America and Canada. They use this countries to make their
fraud convincing since most people are aware of the fraud rate in Nigeria.

Help us fight against Nigerian Fraud/scam by contacting us about your case
or that of any relative you have or know that have is a victim to Nigerian
fraud. Send comments tojointtaskforce at london.com. Your present
transaction, could be a Nigerian Scam, Beware! Let us investigate your
transaction to avoid scam.

Thank you!

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