Guess what! A piano is a keyboard (instrument).

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 18 01:46:52 UTC 2012

OK, it's /my/ turn to say that I don't see anything unusual. Seems to be
a bad translation of "Klavier". Just consider what Wiki posits in
disambiguation of "Clavier":

> Klavier, the German word used specifically to refer to any sort of
> piano except grand pianos, but not other keyboard instruments.

Perhaps it was posted by a French speaker who saw the line just above it.

> Clavier, the French word for keyboard (either musical or typographical)

Of course, Bach wrote for neither "keyboard" nor piano. He did, however,
write for Clavier (in this case, harpsichord==clavicimbalum, or,
potentially, clavichord, as well as ). Some of the titles are fairly
routinely presented as "Keyboard concertos" or "concerti". Another
possible association is "basso continuo", which is even more ambiguous
in modern terms.


PS: Any musicians, please jump in any time...

On 3/17/2012 8:52 PM, Larry Sheldon wrote:
> On Youtube:
> J.S.Bach:Keyboard (Piano) Concerto No.1 D minor BWV 1052 (1)

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