NYC lecture Saturday March 24, 2012

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Of potential interest to listers in NYC area:

Please note room number for the talk: L2.82.

(Please post the attached flier.)

International Linguistic Association

Co-Sponsored by the Department of English

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Jochen Fried

Director of Education, Salzburg Global Seminar

Global Education: Hope or Hype?

A buzz is going around in U.S. undergraduate education -- the buzz of
"global awareness/perspectives/literacy/proficiencies" etc. For some, it
encapsulates the essence of a liberal arts education for the 21st century,
for others it represents a sloppy use of language or straightforward
gibberish. From a more dispassionate point of view, the discussion about the
advantages or disadvantages of a global education can be seen as an
indication for a widespread uncertainty how to best prepare students for a
successful life as professionals and citizens in an increasingly
interconnected world. In his talk, Jochen Fried will focus not so much on
specific models of, or approaches to, global education. Instead, he will
analyze some of the the discourse patterns which underpin this call for a
reorientation of what constitutes a meaningful and relevant education for an
age of mounting complexity and uncertainty.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

11 AM - 12 PM

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Room: L2.82

524 West 59th Street (between 10th and 11th Avenues)

New York, NY 10019

Contact: Dr. Effie Cochran,  <mailto:ecochran at>
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The ILA Executive Board meeting will take place at 2pm in the English Dept.
Conference Room, 7th Floor!

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