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Mon Mar 19 17:00:38 UTC 2012

Ron--I'm not defending Larry here. I know that recycling old and common
finds can be irritating. But I don't like your universal proclamations

And you should give people time to adjust to an unfamiliar
environment--you've been just as irritated at me in the past. But
flipping the lid over a couple of throw-away one-liners is not helpful.
[And, yes, I'm fully aware I'm posting this to the full list.]


On 3/19/2012 12:44 PM, Ronald Butters wrote:
> What is interesting about writing "your" for "you're"? This is a common =
> mistake, one that is frequently commented on even in elementary =
> textbooks. Why should we be interested in hearing that some random guy =
> finds this irritating? I find it a lot more irritating to open an  =
> e-mail and find a short list of mistakes that everyone already knows =
> about and/or that have no further point to make other than that of their =
> bare existence?=20
> I grant you that "throw" for "throe" is probably some kind of eggcorn. I =
> would predict that it has long-ago been listed in the index. So why =
> mention it again?
> And we do have "accorns"--471,000 raw google hits. Some of these may be =
> slips of the pen, and some are semi-puns.

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